Goresoerd - _Goremarket Mid-Prices_
(Nailboard Records, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (6 out of 10)
It's strange to think that the same label responsible for releasing the prog intricacies of Echosilence also unleashed Estonia's entrant to the world of vastly abbreviated grindcore. Their ultra short songs rarely extend beyond the two minute mark and consequently allow for little in the way of song development or progression and each song consists of little more than a couple of basic crusted-around-the-edges riffs, with little room for extraneous niceties such as intros. They do manage to squeeze in at least one solo, in-between a constant torrent of blacker-than-black humour. However, their energetic rendition does not deviate too far from the rudimentary grind template, and their unwillingness to step beyond the ABCs of grindcore is unlikely to extend their appeal beyond the grind obsessed.

Contact: http://www.goresoerd.net

(article published 24/10/2007)

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