Acrimony - _Tumuli Shroomaroom_
(Peaceville, 1997)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7 out of 10)
Peaceville's latest signing, Acrimony, are described as being influenced by the 70s and Black Sabbath, and they sound a bit similar to Kyuss - groove's the main word here. While this is far from being my favourite dish, I was curious to check this album out, as this is not the usual band I'd expect to find playing for Peaceville, who, however, have been updating their roster a lot lately. The result is that I was half-surprised to have enjoyed several parts of it, even though it sometimes gets a tad boring. It's a long album, about 65 minutes, with some very short and some very long tracks, the last few using a more "epic" (i.e. long) approach that doesn't seem to work too well, at least not for me. _Tumuli Shroomaroom_ is the Welshes' second album, a follow up to 1994's _Hymns to the Stone_. The production is very good, as these stoners boost a strong and meaty sound, even though the playing is sometimes a bit "free". All put together, this album is enjoyable if you're feeling good; if you are and happen to be a big fan of groovy stuff, then this is an album surely worth checking out. If you'll only listen to doomy or dark stuff, even when you're feeling good (more like myself), this won't be your favourite album of the year, even though it's most likely still worth a good listen.

(article published 14/7/1997)

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