Mekong Delta - _Lurking Fear_
(AFM Records, 2007)
by: Kostas Sarampalis (7 out of 10)
Though hardly familiar with Mekong Delta's long past, I thought _Lurking Fear_ would be an interesting listen when I picked it up, and I was not far off. The band once shrouded in mystery regarding the members behind it, come together once more under a less pretentious guise and offer a collection of technical thrash metal songs with a love affair towards classical music.

If it wasn't for one too many allegros and a couple of uninteresting songs, this would have been a much better effort in my ears. Starting off very pissed off with "Society in Dissolution" and "Purification", two deliciously complicated and guitar-furious tracks, the album caves a little bit in the middle, but picks up strong again with "Ratters" and especially the well constructed "Defenders of Faith". In other places, the band toys with interplays between guitars and drums, which at times becomes a bit pointless. The skill of the musicians involved is obvious; there is no need for over the top theatrics.

Yet on the whole, _Lurking Fear_ is an interesting album, although it is let down by the very thin production. Everything sounds flat, with very little -- if any -- bass. I am uncertain whether this was deliberate, but a fuller, warmer production would have quite possibly allowed the album to shine more. It does have an Eighties feeling though, and this might hit the mark with fans.

Technically, as already mentioned, _Lurking Fear_ is an accomplished effort, with all musicians in top form and with good vocals from Leo Szpigiel. Not having their discography in my background, I cannot offer comparisons with previous efforts, but for what this is -- technical thrash --, it is a good album.


(article published 3/10/2007)

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