Kaniba - _The Serpent_
(Autumn Wind Productions, 2006)
by: Chaim Drishner (0 out of 10)
I cannot but admire (and pity) Autumn Winds Productions for their bold and conscious decision to virtually commit a commercial suicide; otherwise, I cannot explain releases such as Kaniba's _The Serpent_ -- or in its full version, _The Serpent, or the Omega and the Completion of the First Circle_ -- seeing the light of day via that label.

Leaving behind the black metal hype, Autumn Winds have begun concentrating on the most bizarre, left field, experimental stuff out there, working its way with each release from dark to obscure to non-musical incoherent aural gibberish... which brings us to Kaniba. Although originally released in late 2006, this album was made widely available in 2007, so I bend the rules here a bit and let it slip through into '07 due to its importance as a hallmark to this excellent label's aforementioned commercial suicide.

Kaniba, a one-man project from Finland, contains nothing that can be remotely considered as music. It is a two-track, about half an hour each, electronic droning, hissing and static noise, sparsely accompanied by some rhythm-inducing element such as what would be considered as metal pipes being battered in constant pulsing intervals, and the echoing of kettle drums barely audible in the distance, buried so deep in the recording they are hardly discernible.

Nothing on this recording bears any significance or contains added value whatsoever; this unvarying, one-noted noise induces no ambiance, no ritualistic visions, and definitely nothing remotely hypnotic or dreamlike, like some non-musical expressions are capable of doing. Nor is _The Serpent_ extreme in any sense or stretch of that word. It is just annoying, unnerving and an utter waste of time for the listener, and in turn, for the releasing label as well. No matter how open-minded you may be, how -extreme- or -unconventional- your musical tastes are -- avoid this auditory excrement at all costs.

Contact: http://autumnwp.com

(article published 26/9/2007)

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