Arbeit - _Zum einem neuen Licht_
(Autumn Wind Productions, 2007)
by: Chaim Drishner (9 out of 10)
Ironically, Arbeit's _Zum einem neuen Licht_ is one of the most stirring and creative neo-classical / martial-industrial outputs of recent times, but also the most accessible of the lot being released by Autumn Wind Productions.

_Zum einem neuen Licht_ -- loosely translated from German to something along the lines of "a better future" or "a brighter future" -- eloquently, gently, yet firmly weaves the threads of an epic tale whose prologue is a great, inhuman, inconceivable war (particularly referring to the Second World War); and whose epilogue musically portrays the struggle for hope and (as mentioned above) a better future, the foundations of which lie within a grim past, whose lesson must all humanity learn, a lesson not to be forgotten.

Opening with a wailing siren, the sound of marching boots and martial, war-like menacing drumming, Arbeit (German for "work") masterfully create a musical build-up of horror, suspense and a climax / anti-climax where, ultimately, the winds of war subside and the winds of change take charge.

Using piano, keyboards, kettle-drum samples and spoken passages (mostly in German), Arbeit create a musical playground where monstrous deeds, grim memories, insanity and hope clash. The music oscillates between those extremes, at times suffocating and crushing with light-devouring sounds, bullets whistling and soldiers screaming; to the almost ephemeral sunshine-lit post-war scenario; a spring, a new beginning.

I was a bit surprised by how accessible this music is, a stark contrast to most of the almost indigestible catalog of albums Autumn Winds have been releasing lately. But as beautiful as Arbeit's debut album may be, it is provocative, exciting, emotional and partly very militant and harsh. An excellent debut that plays tricks on human sentiment and awakens in us all the dread of war atrocities and the pursue of some kind of sanity in a crazy, crazy world.

This album will not leave anyone listening to it indifferent. Mark my words.


(article published 26/9/2007)

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