Wach - _The End of All Dreams_
(Klangfeld Seuchentrieb, 2007)
by: Chaim Drishner (contemplative - no rating)
Wach are an Austrian duo that dwells in the left-field reaches of experimental ambient sounds. They do not specifically create -music- per se, but rather an assorted collection of moods, most of which are confined to the dark and space-y frequencies of the spectrum.

_The End of All Dreams_ is like a journey in outer space: tranquil most of the time, aimless, random and mysterious. They enhance the big cemetery-like silence using sounds, sounds which in turn magnify silence itself, turn it into one vast all-encompassing blackness.

The ambient brand Wach are delivering touches and flirts with heavy industrialization; not what most would suggest as -industrial- influences, but rather the real thing: machinery, metal grinding upon metal, factory sounds.

These are _The End of All Dreams_' two dichotomies. The spacious, almost celestial ethereal touch at nebulas on one hand; on the other, the very harsh reality of estrangement, mechanoids and dead emotions in a world which has turned into a deserted factory filled with rust and painful memories.

Should anyone wish to enter a semi-meditative state and/or want to sympathize with the loneliness of astronauts, this is for you. If music is what you're after -- stay away.

Contact: http://www.wach.net.tc

(article published 9/9/2007)

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