Mind Propaganda - _The First Strike_
(Blazing Productions, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (6.5 out of 10)
Mind Propaganda are one of the lesser known acts to emerge out of the Ukrainian NSBM scene. Unlike most of their countrymen, they have eschewed the usual flute-enhanced romantic nationalist odes to Odin in favour of a more feral approach, with lyrics that could just as well have been coined by National Alliance. I'm glad that they are growled for the most part, although a laughable attempt at power metal vocals is made on closer "...Fire! Fire!". This is presumably meant to enhance the epic feel of the track, but the vocals are bad enough to make fellow NS power metallers Finist sound like Dio, and dilute what could otherwise have been a thunderous closer.

An "atmospheric" interlude called "Forgotten Roots" is included, but may just as well have been called "Filler". The remaining songs are passable, albeit with a fairly varied approach: a punk rhythm here, some symphonic keys in another song, some bagpipes in yet another; but their location within abrasive black metal helps maintain a sense of coherency.

Although there are few truly horrendous NSBM bands from Russia and the Ukraine, and Mind Propaganda are above average, they are still one of the weaker projects originating from the Slavic lands.

Contact: http://www.blazing.ws

(article published 9/9/2007)

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