Colloquio - _Si Muove e Ride_
(Eibon Records, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
Late last year, I heard the debut album from Neronoia, a collaboration between Italian darkwave bands Colloquio and Canaan. I was able to compare Neronoia to Canaan, but unable to do so for the then unheard Colloquio, and wondered how they compared to these two bands. I imagined that Colloquio were not too far removed from Canaan, and this proved to be correct, as they tread the same path of gloomy moodiness as the aforementioned. But unlike Canaan, ambient textures do not have a place in their work -- or guitars, for that matter, at least not to the same extent: clean electric guitar is provided on several tracks by a guest guitarist, but is not the primary driving force.

Otherwise, the duties of voice, piano, synths, loops and "sound design" are divided between the resident duo of Gianni Pedretti and Sergio Calzoni. The darkness (yes, I know it's a cliché, but read on) they are striving for is not the cold black metal style, nor the sterile approach of industrial-orientated acts, but a warmer, inviting darkness -- as suggested by the velvet tongued vocals, which are a few steps above spoken word.

Colloquio do construct "proper" songs that adhere to the rules (well, most of them!) of songwriting, frequently abrogated by many of their labelmates, but they clearly place a greater emphasis on atmosphere than Canaan, even if they don't resort to ambient interludes. Nonetheless, _Si Muove e Ride_ remains sufficiently morose so as to negate any possibility of mainstream accessibility, and whilst I still prefer the guitar driven sounds of Canaan and Neronoia, this is a welcome addition that completes the trinity.


(article published 24/8/2007)

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