Katatonia - _Live Consternation_
(Peaceville, 2007)
by: Pedro Azevedo (9 out of 10)
A lot of people probably missed Katatonia's first live DVD, which came out as part of the _Black Sessions_ box set along with a two CD compilation. _Live Consternation_ includes both DVD and CD versions of Katatonia's performance at the Summerbreeze Open Air, back in August 2006. It captures the band one album later than its predecessor, and _The Great Cold Distance_ naturally played a big part in their setlist that night.

It's somewhat ironic from a personal perspective that this DVD should come out only a few weeks after Katatonia visited Porto. On one hand, it serves as a really nice souvenir of much of what they played on that gig; but on the other, the eleven tracks featured on the DVD are only a subset of the sixteen I saw them perform, and unfortunately two fundamental songs are missing: "Teargas" and concert closer "Murder". Truth be told, both of those were already featured on the _Black Sessions_ DVD, but so were several others present here. They play three tracks that weren't part of the setlist I saw, namely "Had To (Leave)", "Right Into the Bliss" and "Deliberation", but surprisingly leave out "My Twin" from the new album and all of _Last Fair Deal Gone Down_.

This abbreviated performance of less than one hour really is the only downside to this DVD however, as it is otherwise an impeccable release. They begin with recent tracks "Leaders", "Wealth" and "Soil's Song", go back in time a bit for "Had To (Leave)", "Cold Ways" and "Right Into the Bliss", and come back to the present and recent past for "Ghost of the Sun", "Criminals", "Deliberation", "July" and "Evidence", which does a very good job closing the set. It's all top quality songs throughout, excellently performed and well captured as far as both video and audio. Shame they weren't able to include a second gig where they played some more tracks, even if the recording quality wasn't as good, but this is still definitely worth a purchase for any fan of the band.

Contact: http://www.katatonia.com

(article published 23/6/2007)

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