Moonspell - _Wolfheart_
(Century Media, 1995)
by: Gino Filicetti (8 out of 10)
While probably not your first choice when guessing where these black metal, operatic geniuses hail from, Portugal is their real homeland, honest! Formed in the late eighties under the name Morbid God, the basis for what was to become Moonspell was laid. While of course sounding raw and immature, these boys, who have 'borrowed' their names from various folklore and myth, had hit upon something they would not come to realize was their destiny until this album came about. 'Wolfshade' starts off this album with an intro of acoustic melodies which crashes into a cacophony of heavy guitars and surprisingly lively keyboards. The vocal approach thoughout this entire effort is ultimately varied, encompassing everything from deep gothic whisper type vocals, to high-pitched black metal acoustical agony. Traditional heavy metal arrangements are present on this album on songs such as, 'Love Crimes'. And the ever enjoyable female vocal presence is embraced here as well. One song that stands out is 'Trebraruna', completely sung in Moonspell's mother tongue. It begins in a gothic vein, and gradually evolves with crushing guitar riffs, and finally ends in a blood curling scream. Definitely an album to hear and a band to watch out for because a band that can make a name for themselves coming from a country completely devoid of any scene is definately not just a flash in the pan.

(article published 13/12/1995)

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