Impure - _Hemicorporectomy_
(Goregiastic Records, 2007)
by: James Montague (1.5 out of 10)
I guess my reasons for listening to Impure were largely geographic, as I had never heard any metal from the Basque region of Spain before. Even though they play goregrind -- surely metal's most worthless and pathetic offshoot -- I thought their ten years in the game might make them a little different from the rest. Am I qualified to judge a goregrind album, given my distaste for the genre? Well, I love early Carcass, so that's close enough; and I like Demilich, so vocals akin to a total bowel collapse are not entirely incapable of pleasing me.

Sadly, though, _Hemicorporectomy_ is yet another shiny disc that deserves the same fate as the unfortunate victims presumably described in its incomprehensible lyrics. The band's ten years of experience merely has them convinced they can write songs, so instead of the standard 30 tracks in 20 minutes, Impure gives us 8 tracks in 32. Otherwise, their music is just as devoid of content as that of their contemporaries.

The only nice thing I can say about Impure is that they have a good drummer, and indeed the production is tilted in his favour to such an extent that _Hemicorporectomy_ sounds like little more than a drumming exercise tape. It's very clear, with every click-click-fucking-CLICK of the "bass" drums making its existence known. For the rest, just run off the standard list of clich├ęs: a vocalist who goes "oooooh" and then "eeeeeeee"; guitarists who just make a buzzing noise and random squeaks; a bassist who may or may not be there.

This is awful. I need a drink and a very loud hit of The Meads of Asphodel to remind me why I'm alive.


(article published 20/4/2007)

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