Plan E - _E for Your Eyes_ / _E for You Ears_
(E Records/Repulse, 1997)
by: Adrian Bromley (7 out of 10)
Weird shit here with these 3-inch mini-CD 4-song EPs from Finnish project Plan E. This is really weird music, not all metal but weird and extreme nonetheless. Both EPs manage to pull in a very solid sound and style with each release, with _E for the Eyes_ focusing more on some really odd and obscure space rock shit and the other one hitting a more melodic industrial stride. The thing that seems to be very appealing about Plan E material is the clear focus on abstracting emotions from a song rather than just a cool lick or melody. This music is for those that may appreciate some form of thought going into a piece rather than just creating fucked up shit just for the sake of it. Plan E's label, E Records, also has an endless supply of bands and releases in the same vein as Plan E, some even more obscure.

Contact: E Records, P.O. Box 50 90251 Oulu, Finland

(article published 13/5/1997)

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