The Fall of Every Season - _From Below_
(Aftermath Music, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
The debut from this Norwegian one man show is an exercise in the romantic strain of death/doom, but without the excess commercialisms that opportunistic bandwagon-hoppers have adopted. It is hardly unexpected that the songs are lengthy, averaging around ten minutes each -- this is a near compulsory requirement for the genre. What is unexpected is the depth of maturity displayed in the compositions, considering this is a debut by a young one man show, especially one outside the black metal universe.

Not that this is a particularly innovative piece of work: the mournful and beautiful lead guitar is reminiscent of Anathema circa _Eternity_, and touches of the masters of melancholy Opeth and Katatonia can be discerned by even the most casual of listeners. His vocals are rather ordinary -- the guttural growl with occasional clean vocal accompaniment --and do the job but nothing more. However, it is not a crib of any band; merely that his own unique voice, which I don't doubt he possesses, is still emerging. A more than competent debut by an up-and-comer that all lovers of romance tinged death/doom should keep an eye on.


(article published 5/4/2007)

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