Sentenced - _Love and Death_
(Century Media, 1995)
by: Gino Filicetti (7 out of 10)
Hailed by some as the greatest band on Earth and by others as the cheesiest bunch of Maiden rehash artists is Finland's very own Sentenced. _Love and Death_ is an EP containing two new tracks along with two tracks previously only available on the Japanese import of _Amok_ and finally a cover of 'White Wedding' by Billy Idol (!). The music on this release is a continuation of the trend set on their last LP, _Amok_. Known to metamorphosise with each new album, if Sentenced continues in the current vein of this release, they will not break any new ground, as they'll simply stay on the level set with _Amok_. Still combining all the elements of 80's heavy metal, Sentenced have not achieved anything significantly new with this release. The cover of Billy Idol however proved a bit nostalgic for me, as I remember bopping to that tune back when it came out (hey! I was only a kid alright?!). Century Media plans to only release 5000 of these beauties when they get released, so make sure you snag one up as soon as it comes into view. Not too terrible an album I must admit, I was never one to bash _Amok_ completely anyway, and there is absolutely no doubt that whatever kind of music Sentenced decides to play, they will always excel at it.

(article published 13/12/1995)

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