Blood Stain Child - _Idolator_
(Dockyard 1, 2007)
by: Jackie Smit (6 out of 10)
Between such names as Intestine Baalism, Vomit Remnants and Melt Banana, the Land of the Rising Sun is better known for providing the metal genre with troupes of borderline lunatics rather than comparitavely more docile European-style melodic death metal. Still, it seems that Japan has at least five citizens who love Scandinavia's increasingly plagarised export enough to create a musical vehicle in its honour.

Blood Stain Child certainly have no shortage of tools at their disposal to make such a tribute work. Notwithstanding the amusingly dubbed Violator tearing into his drum kit like a man possesed, the band also boast one Tue Madsen overseeing production duties. Add a dash of latter day Dark Tranquillity electronica, and the results are almost elementary: ten ably delivered songs that are unashamed of the their goggle-eyed fondness for such albums as _Colony_ and _Projector_.

Fans of the genre will undoubtedly find themselves with an exotic new prospect to brag about to their friends. For the rest, _Idolator_ is admirably competent, but utterly pedistrian.


(article published 25/3/2007)

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