Comatose Vigil - _Not a Gleam of Hope_
(Marche Funebre / Stygian Crypt, 2005)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
Stygian Crypt Productions' sub-label, Marche Funebre, is of course named for Chopin's famed composition of the same name. It does not therefore take the proverbial rocket scientist to deduce what their specialty is.

Debut signees Comatose Vigil are a funeral doom band, and these Russians play doom at a snail's pace. Even if it was played at twice the speed, it would still be agonizingly slow. The lethargic riffs generate a heavy and oppressive atmosphere enhanced by minimal drumming and keyboards. The vocals are initially ineffectively distorted, but these are quickly discarded in favour of a more efficient natural grunt. It need not be said, but just in case there is any doubt: these are lengthy compositions, tending towards the double digit mark. The band is not too dissimilar to funeral doomsters Tyranny, but do possess their own distinctive flavour.

Clearly the Eastern lands are capable of producing more than swastika-clutching nationalists. Recommended for all who like their doom to proceed at approximately the same speed as a glacier -- only less welcoming and with less warmth.


(article published 8/3/2007)

5/21/2007 Q Kalis 8 Comatose Vigil - Narcosis
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