Your Kid's on Fire - _Chainsaw Devil_
(Independent, 2007)
by: Jeremy Ulrey (7 out of 10)
Less than a year after their 22-song goregrind epic _Aught-Six: A Necrodyssey_, Your Kid's on Fire (not the most threatening band name, it must be said) are back with the 19-minute mini-CD _Chainsaw Devil_. Not much has changed in the interim: YKoF still specialize exclusively in Carcass-influenced grind micro-anthems, nearly all of which feature intros culled from obscure horror movies, and rarely exceeding two minutes in length -- the only essential difference this time 'round being that core members Scabby Sammy and Doctor Butcher grew disenchanted with the remainder of the _Aught-Six_ scabs' dedication and decided to revert back to the original line-up.

_Chainsaw Devil_ appears to be nothing more than a stop-gap release to re-introduce the old members and assure their fanbase that the group still exists. That said, it's impossible not to compare this mini-CD to its forerunner, and though the songwriting is comparable, the production is decidedly muddier and less effective. Although it's fun for us Euro-horror junkies to play "spot the sample", it remains to be seen just how long this truly unabating formula will continue to captivate. For now, _Chainsaw Devil_ is a pleasurable bit of genre fluff that, to its credit, doesn't take itself too seriously. Next up: _Horrorcaust Aught Seven_.


(article published 11/2/2007)

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