Dimhymn / Hypothermia - _Sjukllig Intention_
(Eerie Art Records, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (5.5 out of 10)
Both bands focus on depressive black metal, albeit in a different manner. Dimhymn's contribution consists of two metal songs separated by an ambient intermezzo. Their contribution is chaotic, with trumpet and piano randomly appearing, and consequently suffers from this chaotic feel. This is particularly noticeable in the last song, where their bog standard blackened blasting is interrupted by a piano interlude, followed immediately by Ildjarn-like monotony. To their credit the ambient intermezzo is handled considerably well and maintains the requisite gloomy atmosphere, but the remainder sounds like a cluster of inchoate ideas clumsily stitched together.

In contrast to the ADHD-afflicted Dimhymn, once Hypothermia find something they like, they doggedly stick to it -- even if it continues for a mind-numbing fourteen odd minutes. The vocalist is able to let loose with some truly despairing shrieks, but this is insufficient to break the tedium. No emotional impact is generated by either, which is essential for this type of music.

After the devastation of new signee Vhernen, both Dimhymn and Hypothermia need to play catch up less Vhernen overtakes them completely.

Contact: http://www.eerieartrecords.com

(article published 14/2/2007)

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