Godless - _Church Arsonist_
(Rusty Axe Records, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (6.5 out of 10)
Godless claim to have been around since 1990 (first demo released in 1993) and proclaim to be Puerto Rico's first black metal band. This may very well be true, but despite their lengthy existence this is only their sophomore full-length.

With a title like _Church Arsonist_, it is literally redundant to state who their prime influence is -- and if this statement leaves you scratching your head, best proceed to the next death metal review. Actually, you shouldn't be at this website at all. The heathen pyromaniac's influence can be felt particularly in the vocal department, although it can also be noticed in the droning down-tuned riffs and minimalist drumming of songs such as "Für Diejenigen, Die Vom Kriegsraben Gerufen Wurden". (Although minimalism is a bit of a misnomer -- I'm sure a beginner drummer with a few weeks under his belt could handle this.)

Godless exhibit a fascination with World War II, although it has become necessary in today's black metal climate for the band to expressly deny any connection to racial politics. Given their Puerto Rican heritage this accusation would seem unlikely, but in light of the adoration shown by somewhat less-than-knowledgeable right-wingers towards Slayer for their use of WWII imagery, this may not be nearly as unlikely as one might think.

This album is largely a let down. Not through wearing their influences too blatantly on their collective sleeve, which can be excusable, but by the non-existent production; low production values does not equal the muddy production that is present here.

Contact: http://www.god-less.com

(article published 4/2/2007)

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