Cannabis Corpse - _Blunted at Birth_
(Forcefield Records, 2006)
by: Jeremy Ulrey (7 out of 10)
With the increasing emphasis on behavioral sciences and the resultant de-emphasis on epistemology, few a priori assumptions can be taken for granted these days. That the world needs a good hesher death metal band, however, is beyond question. Enter Cannabis Corpse. Comprised of Municipal Waste chief toker Landphil and a few of his buds (pun intended), the band's one and only mission is to send up every song in their namesake's canon hydroponic style. Witness the genius of this lyrical sample: "You have become a human bong / for this weakling fetus to grow inside / ...On the hospital bed, legs spread open / Forceps now become roach clips".

Shit, a novelty item like this -- well made though it may be -- hardly requires a lengthy exegesis on its merits. Suffice to say, despite the relative inexpense of its recording circumstances, _Blunted at Birth_ is well above your average demo in terms of sonics (drums sound particularly nice), the artwork is priceless, and the songwriting is a reasonable facsimile of the real Corpse, even if the technicality has been downscaled a tad. Add to that the ingenious lyrics which, while not altogether articulate, are well-executed in concept, and at a mere seven songs _Blunted at Birth_ transcends the novelty aspect of the band's central premise without overstaying its welcome.


(article published 28/1/2007)

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