Combative Alignment - _...and Outside Glows the Red Dawn_
(Malignant Records, 2005)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
Combative Alignment have released a number of vinyls over the years, but this is the first time that any of their material has been recorded to CD. Their songs are deceptively simple, consisting largely of layers of repetitive industrial drones accompanied by intermittent (presumably sampled) narration, with the ensuing monotony broken only by percussion in the form of pounding drums, bells and chimes. Actually, I don't know whether "songs" is even the correct term; the untitled tracks blend seamlessly into each other and seem more like divisions of one monstrously large work than autonomous works. A close listening will reveal a multitude of nuances that will be missed during a casual listening (or simply having it playing in the background as "wallpaper" music), but otherwise that really is all there is to this release. It is obvious that such work will not be to everyone's taste, even for those accustomed to works of an ambient nature; but those who are able to appreciate this release will find it to be an enriching experience.


(article published 9/1/2007)

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