Insomnium - _Above the Weeping World_
(Candlelight, 2006)
by: Pedro Azevedo (9.5 out of 10)
With their first two albums, Finns Insomnium had already left me with no doubt that they should be counted among the very finest melodic death metal acts ever. At a point in time when so many bands populate and mangle the melodeath related fields, Insomnium quite simply show how it's meant to be done.

There are no clean vocals, only potent and expressive death vox (and the odd whisper); and even with the occasional acoustic line and the multitude of melodic guitar work, I would challenge any death metal fan to call this album a lightweight. The main focus on _Above the Weeping World_ clearly isn't aggression, but still it permeates the album -- moreso than on its predecessors, in fact. This carries the album to another level: the band's mastery of melodic and even sometimes emotional songwriting is thoroughly enhanced by their knack for powerful riffs and vocals, as well as talented, distinctive drumming. The somewhat emotional characteristic of their music arguably derives from a doom metal influence, which adds yet another welcome layer of interest to their work. All this is wrapped up in good lyrics and artwork, providing a complete package.

I have listened to the previous two records so much that it's unfair to say which of the three I prefer. I reckon 2004's _Since the Day It All Came Down_ ended up supplanting its predecessor, the 2002 debut _In the Halls of Awaiting_, but I cannot decidedly place this new record above or below it until I have given it a similar number of spins, which will take quite a while. Ultimately that can definitely be seen as a good thing, considering the massive expectations it had to live up to. Excellent album, outstanding band.


(article published 26/12/2006)

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