Neronoia - _Un Mondo in Me_
(Eibon Records, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
Eibon Records seem to be in the habit of releasing collaborative projects recently -- the CD immediately preceding this release is _The Clearing_ by A Crown of Light, collaboration between Brandon Elkins and Robert Hunter Osgood of A Crown of Amaranth and Conversations About the Light respectively -- and now Neronoia, a collaboration between Canaan and Colloquio. I am unfamiliar with the latter, but Neronoia can certainly be compared to a darker Canaan (not that Canaan was upbeat to start with). There is a similar, brooding atmosphere, but with loudly whispered rather than sung vocals, and consequently more ominous sounding than Canaan.

There are no ambient interludes, but ambient sections are integrated into the songs. The guitars tones are accessible, being more pop-rock in tone than anything else; the keys sound very '80-ish but nonetheless atmospheric, and this in particular lends a strong retro edge to the music, while the percussion is sparse.

Recommended for fans of This Empty Flow and, of course, Canaan -- but the converse is also true: those who hated the aforementioned bands are unlikely to enjoy this CD.


(article published 26/12/2006)

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