Ure Thrall - _Arabian Knightmares_
(Tesco, 2006)
by: Nikola Shahpazov (7 out of 10)
Just like fellow industrialists Clear Stream Temple, Ure Thrall have produced an album fully dedicated to the ongoing political / ideological / war crisis on the Arab peninsula. Of course, this type of music is too abstract to channel a clear message, but titles like "Assaulting the 50 Names of Allah" and "Liberation Through Martyrdom" suggest more or less a fascination with, if not a clear support of the Arabs.

Politics aside, _Arabian Knightmares_ provides an atmosphere fitting the above-mentioned concept -- dense ambient structures with ever present tribal drumming and an occasional inclusion of Middle Eastern instrumentation. The sound of real horns, rhaita, kudos and upright bass adds a very clear ethnic edge, making this release a lot more layered and varied than most other ambient albums around that rely on droning sounds exclusively.

Percussion makes certain tracks similar to more well-known projects such as Sephiroth and Arbre Noir, while the use of sampled Islamic prayers and mass demonstrations clearly indicates Ure Thrall is part of the predominantly industrial / martial Tesco roaster where cut / paste sampling is used in abundance.

Overall, _Arabian Knightmares_ is a fairly good ambient album, offering one long and entrancing journey through vast, Arabic-inspired soundscapes.

Contact: http://www.tesco-germany.com

(article published 12/12/2006)

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