Abbildung - _Dunkles Wissenschaftliches Sachverhalten_
(Ancient Beliefs, 2005)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
Sole member C. proclaims that this CD is incapable of mystical interpretation, and while Abbildung may be inspired by Wittgensteinism and nihilism, surely this does not preclude the possibility of a mystical interpretation given the intensely personal experience of listening to music? At best, C. can only claim that no mystical intention lay behind the creation of his music.

Moving on to the music, industrial drones form the backbone of Abbildung's vision and are fleshed out through the addition of organic instruments (such as an acoustic arpeggio) and field samples (such as a creaking gate) as well as artificial sounds regurgitated from a keyboard. The end result is a unique brooding atmosphere that hints at his professed influences (Lustmord, Bad Sector) whilst remaining his own distinctive creation.

Conclusive proof that even the little guy with a CD-R and laser printed cover can produce music capable of holding its own against the bigger post-industrial artists.

Also included is a video of "The Celebration Ritual of Senseless Life Concept".


(article published 12/12/2006)

10/5/2008 Q Kalis 7.5 Abbildung - Two-Sphere Geometry
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