Corpus Christii - _The Fire God_
(Sadolust, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
This is a re-release of Corpus Christii's 2001 sophomore full-length, originally released on Hiberica. Although _The Fire God_ was not quite as good as subsequent releases, it was an improvement on _Saeculum Domini_, and showed signs of their moving away from the overt Emperor worship of their debut. An Emperor influence, as well as shades of Mayhem, are still present, but their distinct old-school style was beginning to emerge. Keys are still present but no longer omnipresent, and much lower in the mix, while their powerful, overbearing guitar sound was moving to the fore.

This old-school sound would be expanded upon further in later albums, where it would be enhanced by an improved production. Stupid song titles aside, this a powerful album by an underrated and oft-ignored band. _TFG_ ends with a blistering cover of Mayhem's "Buried by Time and Dust", unnecessarily assisted by Necrobutcher on bass. Their cover is more belligerent than the original, with outright aggression supplanting the groove.

Since this is a re-release, there are of course bonus tracks, from the _Master of..._ 7", originally released on Drakkar.

The astute reader may wonder why I am spent most of the review focusing on how this album compares to their other material. With the benefit of hindsight, this is a limbo album; they have abandoned the more derivative aspects in favour of a ballsier, more old-school, approach, but not quite as refined as it would be on later material. Nonetheless, _The Fire God_ remains a recommended purchase.


(article published 12/12/2006)

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