God Dethroned - _The Toxic Touch_
(Metal Blade, 2006)
by: Jackie Smit (6 out of 10)
From the onset of the industrial-tinged "Faithless", it's clear that God Dethroned are going to try their level best to avoid the clichés and pitfalls of their chosen genre. Then again, this Dutch quartet have never been your typical melo-death outfit. The problem that they have is that amidst all the frenetic riffing, they're still hampered by a number of gremlins that date to as far back as 2000's _The Ancient Ones_. First on the list is Henri Sattler's vocals, which remain demo-grade, and are made worse by the fact that the lyrics are cringingly juvenile. This could easily have been overcome had God Dethroned not succumbed to plain old lazy songwriting as often as they do, but at several points on the record the band opt to stick to an uber-simplistic formula when they're clearly capable of much more. By turns, _The Toxic Touch_ packs a wallop (check out "Falling Down" for proof) but when compared to what 2006 has already offered us, the album is eminently forgettable.

Contact: http://www.goddethroned.com

(article published 28/11/2006)

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