Burn to Black - _Mach 666_
(Urgent Music, 2006)
by: Aaron McKay (9.5 out of 10)
This Toronto based five piece has been stomping around the Canadian metal scene since their formation in 2002. Pushing out their self-recorded and produced initial demo release in 2004, Burn to Black signed with the new upstart label Urgent Music to unveil _Mach 666_ on October 31, 2006. With mostly edgy and cerebral lyrics for the style, BtB ties in all the crucial elements from black, thrash(ish), and death metal to develop a punishing fusion of blended bedlam.

Stylistic innovations aside, the crown jewel of Burn to Black's technique is their innate ability to incorporate proficient change-up and meaningful solos. While some outfits are content to merely utilize segues to their musical approach out of a notion to simply keep the listener from sheer boredom, BtB makes it an absolute art form. "Between Worlds" and "With Fire", tracks four and six respectively, are prime examples of this methodology. Not only are the cuts enhanced by this crafty and brutal melding of pace and practice, the guitar soloing interlocks the entire receptive nature of the listener -- something of a rarity these days. After eleven tracks of original material, owners of _Mach 666_ are treated to BtB's version of Celtic Frost's "The Usurper".

Barring anything unforeseen in Burn to Black's immediate future, these five guys have the potential to shape the metal scene with their tight, uncompromising sound for years to come. Well done, gentlemen!

"Innocence and wrath

Now lie far beyond

As we cross the deserts

To reach the fortress' gates

Tragical serenades

Are whispered in the wind

As eyes in fury

Grant us our strength"

Contact: http://www.urgentmusicrecords.com

(article published 28/11/2006)

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