Machinae Supremacy - _Redeemer_
(Spinefarm, 2006)
by: Nikola Shahpazov (3 out of 10)
Honestly, I have no idea how some people do it. Before even signing a record deal, Machinae Supremacy have registered about 100 000 song downloads a month. Impressive, hands down. Which brings us to our next question: there will always be someone selling it, but honestly, how do some people buy it?

_Redeemer_, the Swedish band's first release under the respectable Spinefarm banner, is nothing short of an agonizing experience. Machinae Supremacy just throw it all together: galloping heavy metal, keyboard dominated gothic and power pop, the end result being a sleazy, pointless album that can easily be the teeny bop of the European metal scene. As if the music itself isn't horrible enough, you've got the overly dramatic, whining vocals. Now these are really horrid; I'm talking major spooky stuff. Lyrics offer even more nonsense -- think Papa Roach meeting a rather lowbrow version of HIM while staying very true to the worst of the immortal rock 'n' roll cliché.

Sloppy and childish, far removed from all things decent and memorable, _Redeemer_ might be a sign of the times, and if so, then we must be living in the darkest of ages.


(article published 10/11/2006)

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