Gotherfall - _Blacksphere Architecture_
(Hybrid Musik, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
_Blacksphere Architecture_ seems designed to provoke mutterings amongst the grim legions about the "commercialization of black metal". That's if the panda-faced hordes even deign to call this black metal, instead of merely dismissing it with the unimaginative "faggoth" epithet. Although I dislike this inane term, Gotherfall do adhere to the commonly understood definition, and the usual suspects of Anorexia Nervosa, Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir are obvious influences. The songs -- at least the English ones -- tend to deal with existential angst, and are written up in a Filth-esque mock archaic English style, from whom they also adopt a few time-wasting instrumental interludes. Keyboards frequently take centre stage; this is clearly a deliberate act, and not a by-product of low finances. Not that there is anything that suggests a lack of monetary means -- both the packaging and production look and sound professional, but unfortunately it all tends to sound a bit too much like a pastiche of the unholy trio mentioned above, rather than a band with their own developed sound.


(article published 6/11/2006)

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