My Shameful - _The Return to Nothing_
(Firebox / Firedoom, 2006)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8.5 out of 10)
While I was very impressed by 2003's _Of All the Wrong Things_, I somehow missed its 2004 follow-up _...Of Dust_. Now, 2006 finds these Finns back in action with _The Return to Nothing_, and my description of their debut still makes sense on this new release: My Shameful can be roughly situated somewhere between their countrymates Unholy and Dolorian in terms of their mix of unrelentingly heavy doom and bleak atmospheric elements.

My Shameful clearly trascend this simple comparison however, and should by no means be seen as mere copycats; theirs is an honest sounding doom/death metal, neither embellished nor gothicized for the sake of the mass market, and bears more individuality than most._The Return to Nothing_ sounds like it was dragged from some dark and desolate place and turned into music by the release of inner demons, instead of just sounding like a group of people huddled up in a studio playing somewhat sad music while trying to come up with a catchy chorus. Song titles like "This Same Grey Light", "Days Grow Darker", "No Dawn", "The Return to Nothing" or "It Can't Get Worse" should tell their own story as to where My Shameful are coming from with their music.

With all tracks (except for a rather good outro) ranging from six to just below eight minutes in length and keeping a very consistent approach throughout, the album has a bleak, monolithic feel -- a path the band refuse to abandon for even a moment in pursuit of some sweet melody. Yet _The Return to Nothing_ is never a bore; it hits you hard and keeps you listening. I'm not sure why I happened to miss its predecessor _...Of Dust_, but that clearly needs to be remedied soon: quite simply, My Shameful are among the best doom metal coming out of Finland lately, and that is saying a lot.


(article published 29/10/2006)

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