Tenhi - _Airut:aamujen_
(Prophecy Productions, 2006)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7.5 out of 10)
_Airut:aamujen_ is the full-length follow-up to 2000's _Airut:ciwi_ EP. It is the second chapter in Tenhi's "Airut" saga, which is expected to continue with _Airut:savoie_ next year. Strangely enough, and contrarily to the _Airut:ciwi_ EP, it was originally released in late 2004 under the name Harmaa. The band later decided to re-release _Airut:aamujen_ under the Tenhi name. The "Airut" series revisits and explores different aspects of certain Tenhi songs, with the song "Kielo" serving as inspiration for both the EP and this full-length. According to the band, "Tuulenkaato" and "Maa Syttyy" (from _Maaäet_) will form the basis for the forthcoming _Airut:savoie_.

For those already familiar with Tenhi, _Airut:aamujen_ differs from the norm (and the _Airut:ciwi_ EP in particular) in the sense that it is a piano-driven album, rather than a string-driven one. There are slightly more upbeat passages than usual overall, but there is still a very prevalent sombre tone, without which this would be far less interesting. The best examples can be found on opener "Saapuminen - Emerging" and "Oikea Sointi - Lay Down a Tune", among others.

Using sparse percussion, soothing male and female vocals and piano lines, Tenhi carry the listener through a variety of generally laid back moods during the album. However, given its duration, the almost complete lack of strings eventually becomes a limiting factor, which was not the case with its much shorter and instrumentally varied predecessor. The more upbeat variations that they attempt as a result are relatively few and far between, but still detract somewhat from the overall result -- for instance "Kuvajainen - Aparition" starts very well indeed, but develops somewhat poorly.

_Airut:aamujen_ is not an essential Tenhi release, nor does it seem to be intended as such, but it is clearly still worthwhile. For fans of the band it will provide an interesting excursion, and even the casual listener may find it quite tempting, as it possesses undeniable quality. While its moments of greater inspiration alone may be worth the price for some listeners however, others may prefer to skip it and wait for the next album.

Contact: http://www.tenhi.com

(article published 29/10/2006)

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