Cemetery of Scream - _The Event Horizon_
(Metal Mind, 2006)
by: Kostas Sarampalis (6 out of 10)
Cemetery of Scream are another Polish band that has managed to survive more than a decade, despite rather infrequent releases. Their debut _Melancholy_ was a great album that capitalised in the atmospheric doom/death territory, a disc I still drop in my CD player and enjoy now and then. Their second release was not as good however, and for me they evolved into a rather monotonous and boring band from then on. Unfortunately, _The Event Horizon_ will not break the downward trend.

Having recently reviewed country and label mates Darzamat's latest release, I am starting to believe that the Polish metal scene needs a bit of a shake up. What you get with Cemetery of Scream's latest album is a mediocre atmospheric metal album that sleepwalks for longer than it should in the course of its ten songs. It is only in the third song "Komatrance" that you start taking notice that there is still something stirring in their creative output. "Cold Obsession in My Eyes" adds some nice keyboard melodies to the unadventurous guitars, but I can hardly justify simplistic chugga-chugga riffs only seldom interrupted by sometimes uninteresting solos.

The (male) vocals are neither here nor there, mostly clean with a deep hue, but they could use some variation -- occasionally offered by oriental sounding female vocals. I do like the keyboards: they retain some of their past melancholy and inject the album with atmosphere; but with the guitars lacking so much in strength and variety, keyboards cannot lift the album and hold its head above the water. As much as I wanted to like _The Event Horizon_, I doubt that I will play it more than a few times after finishing this review -- and that's a pity, because there are a couple of good songs buried in there.

Contact: http://cemeteryofscream.com

(article published 29/10/2006)

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