Abed - _The Coming of Soon_
(Independent, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (9 out of 10)
According to their bio, Abed have been around for five years and have released three singles before recording this EP. Five years is a long time to be floating around releasing no more than a handful of singles. But it seems as though Abed have wisely spent the better part of that time gaining a strong following in their native Israel through frequent live performances and perfecting their songwriting skills instead of rushing prematurely into a record deal.

The result of their hard work is an original, technical and well-performed EP that defies easy pigeonholing. What is possibly the most striking aspect of _The Coming of Soon_ is the consistency of the album: there are very few moments where a riff sounds misplaced or forced despite the myriad influences. There are a few exceptions though: the jazzy interlude that is included on one song which sounds a bit forced, as if it were included just to show off an avantgarde side; but generally speaking, the progressive rhythms and complex melodies flow with the effortlessness of water cascading down a mountain.

They have adopted a dual vocal assault, one a screamer and the other providing clean vocals. Perhaps that this is what Cynic might have sounded like if their peers were Shadows Fall or Soilwork, rather than Morbid Angel or Death. The clean vocalist is also the weakest point however, as he lacks the capacity to provide the power and range that is demanded from him -- nor does the Jonathan Davis style whining that is fortunately adopted only very briefly help.

The lyrics are abstract and intelligent, reflecting a maturity befitting a band with several albums under their collective belt. Their professional approach is carried through to the design of the CD booklet, which is absolutely gorgeous, and like the music, puts many of the big boys to shame. The production is damn good; it could easily be released by a label with little remastering, and probably will -- Abed have a unique voice, are hugely talented and I seriously doubt we will be seeing a second demo from these boys.

Contact: htttp://www.AbedBand.com

(article published 14/10/2006)

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