Rome - _Berlin_
(Cold Meat Industry, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (6 out of 10)
Although information is hard to come by, this appears to be Rome's first release, and that a full-length will follow shortly. It can only be hoped that a full-length will elaborate on this MCD's positive qualities, whilst eradicating or at least downplaying the overwhelming negative aspects. _Berlin_ does feature some acoustic melodies, but they tend to be inadequately developed. The highpoint is undoubtedly "Herbstzeitlose", whose softly tinkling keys provide for a beautiful album closer.

A particular trick overused by Rome is the use of annoying and repetitive vocal loops -- which are presumably the vocalist's distorted voice -- which quickly becomes annoying, negatively impacting on several songs that were otherwise potentially decent. A pity, as the vocalist actually has a decent goth-styled baritone voice well suited for their brand of apocalyptic folk.

Some industrial elements are present, but they interfere with the flow of the album and sound like pure filler material. At the end of their seventeen minute folk excursion, the listener is left with a sense that the songs are half completed and were rushed into production. Perhaps the full-length due later this year will show off stronger material.


(article published 5/10/2006)

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