Images of Violence - _Degrade the Shapeless_
(Ossuary Industries, 2006)
by: T. DePalma (7.5 out of 10)
Having already literally engraved his work into the metal consciousness, underground artist Jon Zig now turns his screwed visions into visceral sonic textures. Color it red. A waking autopsy animated from the throat as Zig growls grim fantasy and blasphemous uprisings through this blasting outfit. In Images of Violence, he is joined by guitarist Steven Watkins, Mark Denton on bass and Larry Jackson, formerly of Texas' explosive death metal group Acerbus, on drums. The new line-up results in a massive accomplishment over the group's previous material, which took on a too similar sound to post-Eighties Napalm Death (even introducing a cover of "Suffer the Children").

Both because of what _Degrade the Shapeless_ doesn't attempt and the manner which they work around the usual pitfalls of the current scene make it a more interesting and unique record by comparison. The production is slushy but discernible, a perfect frame for Images' organic brand. Drum and chugs rattle like a cellar full of bones, punctuating stringed circles that chase and gnaw after doubled octaves slipping past and resonant chords gushing from the wound. Zig's vocals are a barbaric endeavor, hell-barks, frothing with beastly intention. Another album that ends below thirty minutes, but the riffs are actually memorable, seeding beside a recurring fear and fantasy of mortality.


(article published 26/9/2006)

9/26/2006 T DePalma Images of Violence: The Skingraver Speaks
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