Total Devastation - _Wreck_
(Firebox, 2006)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8.5 out of 10)
Saying that Total Devastation live up to their name could be dangerously misleading. You see, it is true that this is a very intense, at times almost chaotic, and usually bludgeoning record; but this could imply a sense of disorder, sloppiness or even mindlessness that is far from being the case on _Wreck_.

Total Devastation seem quite fond of the electronic and synth-based elements in their music, and they use them as liberally on _Wreck_ as they did on its predecessor _Roadmap of Pain_, if not more. What's interesting here is that the electronics blend into the mix very well, never distracting the listener from what's important in the song or dampening the generally high sonic impact -- quite the contrary, in fact, as they underline and accentuate some passages. Along with that, the Finns make sure there's enough crunching jagged riffs, melodic licks, rhythmic changes and potent growls to give the album a good chance of appealing to any adventurous death metal fan as well as anyone who's into The Dillinger Escape Plan. This is not as straightforward as most death metal, but it isn't as chaotic as DEP either; they strike a good balance and come out with an attractive combination.

Since the band refuse to play it safe, it's no surprise that the result varies somewhat. Having said that though, the risk is well worth it. Total Devastation deliver their second attack with great aplomb, building on their debut to create one of the most explosive records of 2006.


(article published 26/9/2006)

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