Vreid - _Pitch Black Brigade_
(Tabu, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
Most of our readers may remember Windir, a highly acclaimed band which disbanded after the unfortunate death of their vocalist Valfar. The proverbial phoenix that arose from the ashes of Windir is Vreid, which features no less than three ex-members of Windir.

This is not Windir by a different name, although there are several melodic riffs which would not have been out of place on _Likferd_. This is an altogether different and harsher entity, grounded in a powerful blackened thrash mauling with a touch of "black 'n'roll" a la Darkthrone and Satyricon -- and absolutely zero Viking metal paraphernalia. The production is suitably cold but full, accentuating the music perfectly.

However, this is a rather inauspicious release. The performance is competent but clinical, and despite this being Vreid's sophomore effort, there is an ever present sense that they are out to prove that they are not simply the second reincarnation of Windir but a completely different entity, at least as good as, if not better than the mother band.

While the band no doubt will resent constant comparison to Windir, it will continue until they are able to equal or excel Windir's work -- and that moment has yet to arrive.

Contact: http://www.taburec.com

(article published 2/8/2006)

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