Axis of Advance - _Purify_
(Osmose, 2006)
by: T. DePalma (7.5 out of 10)
You know those backpack ground radios that soldiers carry? The kind most of us have only seen in late '80s Vietnam films, entering into frame when things turn to shit and the platoon needs to call for an air raid? Well, listening to _Purify_ is like being on the safe end of one such conversation just as the napalm tumbles to earth. The trio's latest mini CD / vinyl EP is nothing unexpected and nothing lost from 2004's _Obey_. The group throw themselves into lightning war; coughing up acidic string melodies with a strangling technique over erratic drum fills. A stained campaign brutally cunning in melodic pacing, its potency accentuated by bare production -- possibly too scaled down from past efforts and may take some getting used to; the drums in particular sound like part of a bootleg recording. Five tracks, including a re-recorded version of "Tactics Forth" previously only available on 7" split vinyl.


(article published 20/6/2006)

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