This Empty Flow - _The Album_
(Eibon Records, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (Disc I: 8; Disc II: 5.5 out of 10)
No doubt quite a few people are wondering what could possibly be the reason for the inclusion of a gothic / darkwave album amongst these pages, even given the esoteric nature of some of the projects that have been reviewed by yours truly in the recent past. (And even given the left of centre projects I have covered, I am largely unfamiliar with this type of music.) But This Empty Flow does have a strong connection to metal: before their inception, Jori Sjoproos and Niko Sirkia were key members of seminal funeral doom band Thergothon. This Empty Flow split up way back in 1998, although posthumous releases have surfaced on occasion. The imaginatively titled _The Album_ consists of a remaster of debut _Magenta Skycode_ (originally released in 1996 by Avantgarde) on disc I, while disc II, _Magenta Lost_, consists of a compilation of unreleased tracks and rarities from 1994 and 1996.

Moving on from the biography / obituary, _Magenta Skycode_ is essentially a darkwave album with an overdose of goth pop sensibility and strong emphasis on atmosphere. It does contain a number of sublime melodies, surprisingly reminiscent of latter day Anathema. Given the background of their members, there is naturally a strong morose mood throughout the album, albeit considerably subtler than the suffocating tones of funeral doom.

The second disc is a hit and miss affair. Particularly atrocious are several remixes, which sound like some new wave musical crime which have been aborted during the brainstorming stage, never mind being committed to plastic. Basically, the usual odds and ends that one would expect from rarities compilation.

As touched on, this is not an album that will appeal to everyone, but for those looking for something accessible yet dark, this may be interesting.


(article published 16/5/2006)

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