Potentia Animi - _Psalm 2_
(Metal Blade / Staupa Music, 2006)
by: Jackie Smit (2 out of 10)
Is someone in Metal Blade's A&R department on drugs? I can fully accept a label wanting to diversify, and when they released the decidedly non-metal _Wake Pig_ by New Jersey prog-rockers 3 earlier this year I was surprised -- in a good way. But this? Where do I even begin?

Potentia Animi is the brainchild of Titus Jany, formerly a member of little-known German outfit The Inchtabokatables. Having now changed his stage name to Bruder Liebe and reputedly turned his back on rock 'n' roll, he performs what can only be described as Vangelis with a hint of electric guitar. With the rare exception of the singularly catchy "Eifersucht", what follows is an album that oscillates between the awful ("Qui Per Mundum") and the downright impalpable ("Ave Maria").

It's not just a case of bad music either; Potentia Animi indulge themselves in their rock-monk schlock to the point of embarrassment. A children's choir leads "Anima et Animus" through its chorus, and the less said about the harpsichord-led sniveling in "Rouber" the better. If you're after lush classical and operatic arrangements, Therion set the benchmark, and while I wouldn't claim that _Psalm 2_ is trying to imitate _Theli_, the band do an outstanding job of creating the impression that they have neither the talent nor the technical savvy to have contemplated doing so in the first place.

Contact: http://www.potentia-animi.de

(article published 18/4/2006)

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