Repugnant - _Epitome of Darkness_
(Soulseller Records, 2006)
by: T. DePalma (7 out of 10)
From "Pass the meatballs, Dagmar!" A post-Nineties Scandinavian cook book:

Repugnant - _Epitome of Darkness_

A variation on traditional Swedish cuisine that originated in Stockholm, this dish is marked by its punchy flavor, nostalgic aroma and hearty texture. Perfect for a small gathering of friends and makes a lovely conversation piece!

Unlike other brands you'll find in the market today, Repugnant contains no unwanted additives and unnatural flavors. It also has a considerably decreased fat content due to more controlled breeding over the last ten years.

First, start with 2lbs of raw Nihilist. I recommend Threeman's Nihilist -- higher vitamin content and the most affordable. If you prefer to start from scratch, just combine Deasthstrike's _Fuckin' Death_ and Repulsion's _Horrified_.

Let the Nihilist sit for a few hours at room temperature. Timing is essential; if left out too long, the Nihilist will undergo a chemical process turning it into a smooth, jelly-like compost, commonly known as "Entombed".

Next, add 1/3 cup water and Celtic Frost into a small saucepan. Reduce to half or until you have a thick, pungent glaze. Pour hot over the Nihilist and serve with severed fingers and Oligochaeta (not optional).

You'll find the most unexpected part of the dish to be the alarming witch-hag screech (like that guy in "Evil Dead II") that results from combining both substances and goes a long way in turning this often copied fusion of northern fare into something you'll be picking at for days to come!


(article published 18/4/2006)

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