Tenebrae in Perpetuum - _Antico Misticismo_
(Debemur Morti, 2006)
by: Andreas Marouchos (6.5 out of 10)
Seemingly limited to a number of disenfranchised units, the Italian underground has found itself known only to sects of dedicated underground aficionados, synonymous with the likes of Mortuary Drape and Necromass, to name a few. Not aspiring to escape such a stealthy status, Italy's own Tenebrae in Perpetuum make a decent effort here in cranking out an hour's worth of stalwart black metal. Essentially, that's how far you can expect this album to go: not exactly breaking the mould, but a good listen to fill up those grim Sunday afternoons.

Musically, they ascribe to the oft-plagiarized Norwegian / Swedish schools of pummeling, tremolo-driven momentum, while balancing on that fine line between sounding like a lackluster offshoot of their musical inspirers and being interestingly spiteful. Tempo variations are just enough to keep the album from morphing into a continuous stream of blasts, with glacial, mid-tempo, scaled down passages setting up an attention-grabbing launch pad for the real onslaught to subsequently take off.

Audibly an interesting slab of meat-and-potatoes black, _Antico Misticismo_ certainly doesn't come out as something genre transcending or generally eyebrow raising material. It seems however, that mostly because of the homogeneity of the genre due to excessive scene inbreeding, this has become almost something of an inevitability nowadays; and consequently, it is to their credit that TiP manage to remain faithful to their artistic roots and produce a record which is both sincere and convincing in its simple delivery. Nonetheless it remains one of those releases that whether you miss it this time round or not, won't necessarily upset your CD collection.

Contact: http://www.debemur-morti.com/distro/

(article published 7/4/2006)

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