Terror 2000 - _Terror for Sale_
(Nuclear Blast, 2006)
by: Aaron McKay (3.5 out of 10)
If ever you've heard the saying "don't quit your day job", that adage applies here. A side project of sorts, Terror 2000 enlisted the help of newly added bassist Dan Svensson (Hatelight) to the core membership of Klas Ideberg (Darkane), Nick Sward (El Mago), Erik Thyselius (Constructdead) along with Bjorn "Speed" Strid (Soilwork), and decided collectively to give Terror 2000 another go. After _Slaughterhouse Supremacy_ , their first effort, flew under most fans' radar screens largely, Nuclear Blast signed the band, elevating T2K's exposure with 2002's _Faster Disaster_. This year sees the unsolicited _Terror for Sale_ hitting the streets.

Maybe a self-effacing aside to their more serious projects, Sweden's T2K is a wild attempt to blend foolish humor into a psycho, hyper-permeated thrash. Stylistically speaking, this quartet is structurally sound, albeit palpably unoriginal. Lyrically, even indulging the whimsical nature of intended humor, the content found on _Terror for Sale_ is just a collection of disjointed juvenile banality.

"My daddy bought me a car
He'd never think I would go this far
Racing down through the city
in my Mercedes cabriolet
Like a signing richochet (sic)
I head for the beach
as the wig is flowing in the breeze
Ruth is feeding me with cheese"

A little taste of what awaits the unsuspecting, compliments of "Mummy Metal for the Masses"; it gets a lot less mature from here.

There is no telling what success these guys will have peddling their brand of terror, but if the "Wrath of the Cookie Monster" is after a "Metal Mosh Massacre", I will be singing T2K's "Fed Up Anthem"! Look to purchase this in your neighbor's bargain bin at his next sidewalk auction. No sale!

Contact: http://www.terror2k.cjb.net/

(article published 7/4/2006)

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