3 - _Wake Pig_
(Metal Blade, 2006)
by: Jackie Smit (7.5 out of 10)
It's not often that you're going to hear a band like 3 on Metal Blade, what with every second band they sign these days being affiliated with a "core" of some sort. In fact, this New York quintet at their most raucous hardly qualify as metal to begin with, instead spanning a breadth of influences that range from progressive and alternative rock to psychedelia. Still, with Rick Rubin now producing Neil Diamond records, I guess anything is possible, and it's certainly not difficult to spot the ample talent present within this band.

Originally put out on Planet Noise Records in 2004, _Wake Pig_ is effectively the re-release of the band's third record. It starts off with "Alien Angel", a song that smacks of a sharper, less flamboyant Tool. "Monster" is next, quickly dropping the volume on the guitars and heading into quirkier Faith No More-esque territory. It hardly transforms into a hulking metallic monster after this, as the band run a gamut of sounds and textures that may not score any points on the brutality scale, but more often than not hit the mark dead-on. There are the exceptions, such as the cringingly poppy chorus which ruins an otherwise enjoyable "Queen". But one gets the impression that while _Wake Pig_ isn't the band's first work, it's still early days for them creatively speaking. Although this release is likely to pass by most of Metal Blade's target audience, for the open-minded it makes for a refreshing experience.

Contact: http://www.theband3.com

(article published 22/3/2006)

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