Terroritmo - _Premonitions_
(Hau Ruck / Tesco, 2005)
by: Nikola Shahpazov (5.5 out of 10)
It's a gloomy affair, this one. Hard to get into and perhaps even impossible to comprehend without indulging thoroughly and devoting at least an hour to the exploration of the album as a whole. Like all of the bands on the Hau Ruck rooster, Terroritmo share little or no information about themselves with the world. Still, they are obviously South European, probably Italian, deeply involved in arts and mysticism, utilizing primordial symbols and Federico Garcia Lorca's poetry for their own means -- which is a promising thing to start with. Alas, the soundscapes are not quite as rewarding as deemed.

_Premonitions_ reveals itself to be an ambient album from the onset -- the tracks follow a similar pattern of prolonged noise-based structures, bass pulsations / beats and monotonous vocal chants. As is usually the case with this sort of music, highlights are hard or even impossible to point out, so it all goes down to basically one very, very long track spread throughout these 62 minutes. Unfortunately, there is just about nothing to capture one's attention for such a long time, so as the album progresses Terroritmo's ritualistic rhythmic ambience becomes but a background noise. Although it's just about right for an evening read and a glass of red wine, otherwise _Premonitions_ simply fails to deliver.

Contact: http://terroritmo.com

(article published 15/3/2006)

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