Misery Inc. - _Random End_
(Firebox, 2006)
by: Dan Lake (7 out of 10)
I'm not sure Misery Inc. will appreciate being compared to their recently departed compatriots Sentenced, but I suspect it will happen to them fairly often. The two bands aren't really all that similar when you actually hear _Random End_, but Sentenced's basic structure of suicide rock -- with plenty of catchy riffs, choruses and melodies wrapped in a melancholy mood that somehow results in an uplifting mix -- certainly applies to Misery Inc. in an abstract way. What they actually do with this framework is different enough that Misery Inc. stay well clear of anything like accusations of being a copycat band however. With a more varied approach, a clear hint of In Flames / Soilwork at times, death vox and screams to complement the clean singing, and a most energetic delivery on every level, Misery Inc. at their best are really quite infectious. Their approach does remain quite similar from track to track though, and not every song is a winner or every passage remarkable; on "Apologies Denied" for instance, the chorus gets downright grating. For such an unknown band however, this is already able to compete with a lot of established acts out there today.

Contact: http://www.miseryinc.org

(article published 27/2/2006)

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