Tenhi - _Maaäet_
(Prophecy Productions, 2006)
by: Pedro Azevedo (9.5 out of 10)
Here's an idea: maybe psychiatrists should start prescribing Tenhi as a substitute for certain well-known drugs to help relieve stress. It won't make you feel any happier, but _Maaäet_ is an exceptionally good way to unwind after a rough day or ten -- and you can throw in all the rainy day clichés as well, because they definitely hold true here. I shouldn't mislead you into thinking this is some kind of soporiferous ambient music however: just in case you don't know Tenhi, these Finns describe their work as folk-influenced progressive music. Their sound is based around nature themes, built with acoustic guitars, violins, piano, sombre male vocals and percussion; all subtly wrapped up in a top notch atmosphere that really takes you to wonderful places if you just close your eyes for a while.

The melodies range from the more folk-oriented to downright tragic, which is incidentally where Tenhi really excel. _Maaäet_ is a more sombre album than its predecessor _Vare_, which in my view helps _Maaäet_ surpass it and perhaps even beat Tenhi's first full-length, the superb _Kauan_. The sound has admittedly been tweaked, and there really is nothing to criticize about the mix -- which the band utilize to its full potential by really allowing each passage and melody to breathe.

On every album so far Tenhi have always included at least one truly outstanding, heartbreaking song, and _Maaäet_ is no exception. While not the album's only highlight by any means, "Sarastuskäivijä" and "Viimeiseen" simply have to be mentioned as superlative examples of the skill these Finns consistently exhibit. I could mention others just as easily though, and there is nothing quite like repeatedly listening to this album in the right environment and frame of mind to help you realize what a superb collection of songs this is. I do not expect a better album will come out in 2006 anywhere in the vicinity of Tenhi's musical style.

Contact: http://www.tenhi.com

(article published 20/2/2006)

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