Green Carnation - _The Quiet Offspring_
(The End Records, 2006)
by: Aaron McKay (9 out of 10)
In a constant state of flux defying characterization, the eminent Green Carnation again change their stripes, this time with _The Quiet Offspring_. While still reveling in their avantgarde fused metal approach, this six piece outfit has offered up a more straightforward, edgy, hard rock release. Containing eleven cuts, _TQO_ has demonstrated an inclination toward a cleansing of style -- shedding the complications of the arguably progressive vanguard nature of previous albums.

The catchy texture of each track laid open all throughout _TQO_ is, as mentioned, a departure of sorts for Green Carnation, but well-suited to the band all at the same time. Starting strong with the groove laden title track, these guys develop their current enterprising approach gradually, but without losing any of the targeted feel.

Kenneth Silden's lacy keyboards supplement Kjetil Nordhus's wider ranging vocals in an ardently profound manner. Tchort's guitar interplays with fellow bandmates Michael Krumins and Stein Roger Sordal in an infectiously rhythmic way, to make tuberculosis look like a case of dry mouth. Working the element of percussion into a band as fluid as Green Carnation must be a chore of the highest magnitude, but Anders Kobro accomplishes this challenge with unstated skill and artfully subdued adornment.

While the music supplied throughout _TQO_ is indisputably complex and appealing, the lyrics on each of the eleven tracks is where the true fascination lies on this album. While not always lengthy or detailed ("When I Was You" has simply eight lines of lyrics), the message communicated on each song is astonishing; with a basis to work from such as titles like "Between the Gentle Small and the Standing Tall" and "Purple Door, Pitch Black" the daunting task of developing such lyrically musical texture had to be somewhat enhanced.

While a couple of listens to this newest opus from Green Carnation will no doubt heighten your estimation of the effort, repeated exposure to _TQO_ will more than reveal why this band has, and will continue to forge new ground.


(article published 30/1/2006)

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