The Final Sigh - _If You're Not Part of the Solution, You're Part of the Problem_
(Anticulture Records, 2005)
by: Jackie Smit (8 out of 10)
Much like In Flames and their recently popularized take on Swedish death metal, The Dillinger Escape Plan has spawned a legion of imitators that seem to grow in number with each passing week. While this crop of mathcore hopefuls have generally proven to be more palatable than the throngs of conveyer belt melo-death however, very few of these acts have managed to truly stand out with a personality of their own. The Final Sigh are a surprising exception. Hailing from the foothills of the Queen's country, they haven't wasted any time in rising through the ranks of the UK underground, and after a few seconds of opener "To the Unfaithful", it shouldn't be difficult to see why they were able to catch the ears of the very promising Anticulture Records.

Like _Calculating Infinity_ on a lethal cocktail of anabolic steroids, The Final Sigh throw hardcore, jazz, grind and even Future Sound of London-style electronica into a mix that could only ever equal a densely layed, but almost constantly full-blown sonic bedlam. Coupled with a production sound that's anything but slick, _If You're Not Part of the Solution..._ sounds in no way manufactured or pretty, and understandably at times the nigh on constant bludgeoning of songs like "Don't Make Dirty Movies" won't be up everyone's street. For one of the purest and most interesting musical manifestations of anger since the last Burnt by the Sun record however, you need look no further.


(article published 29/1/2006)

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